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Please, note that by bidding you declare that you know and accept the Rule of the sale (link) and their Updates (link). Some focal points here below:

  1. a) The auction is held in Rome, under the Italian law.
  2. b) The buyer’s premium is 26,64% + VAT (22% only on the buyer’s premium). If your winning bid is € 100, the buyer’s premium will be € 26.64 + VAT, for a total amount of € 132.5. VAT on buyer’s premium will be applied in any case: does not matter if you are Italian, Romanian, a private or a company.
  3. c) The minimum increment is 10%. If the actual bid is € 100, the new minimum bid will be € 110.
  4. d) Payments should be made only by bank transfer to the auction house bank account in Italy, within 35 days from the auction day
  5. e) if you had any issue to register yourself at this auction, but you are a well-known person to the auction house, please call the phone number on the screen (+40 757 487 799) and you will be allowed to do an emergency bid. In this case you will be requested to pay within 3 days from today.
  6. f) after payment, you will be able to collect your lot at ArtSafe by appointment.

Please note that video is delayed of about 3 seconds. Therefore, please consider not to bid in the very last seconds, because it makes your bid on a risky deadline. We will reopen a lot only if we are sure that your delay in bidding – anyway very short - depends on that kind of technical issue.